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                                 2X SELECT MBIS MBISS MRBIS 
 AM/CAN GRAND CH. Signature's Harry Nile V Kridler OFA

DOB:  March 3, 2009

German Shepherd Dog
25.5' inches (64.77 cm) at the withers

Bred By: Joe & Leslie Beccia & Tari Kridler
Owned by: Emily Burdon & Raul Olvera 

Harry is currently campaigning & living here at the Burdon household! 
Harry's record speak for itself:
Multi Best in Specialty wins
GSDCA SELECT 2 judge Bart Bartley
GSDCC SELECT 10 judge Jack Kilgour

He is standing at stud for approved bitches.. He currently has some outstanding litters on the ground!!!
He is OFA tested for Hips, Elbows, Heart & Dentition.
His eyes are CERFd. 
He is clear of the LONG COAT gene. 

 Please contact me at [email protected] for more info! 

Here is a link to his pedigree: 

American/Canadian/Mexican/International CH. Besitos Tepal 


The Miniature Xoloitzcuintli

17 inches  (43.18 cm) at the withers

Raul & I had the opportunity to bring this special boy into our lives!! He is co-owned and loved by Pat Pentland.

We Love him... and day to day he always makes us laugh!!!

He has amazing athleticism, amazing movement and an extremely typey head and outline...

He has been awarded Best in Specialty shows and multiple group wins in his native country Mexico along with Multiple Best in Show's here in Canada also under Mexican judges! 

Tepal is OFA'd normal for Patellas.

He is standing at stud with us to approved bitches! Contact Me or Raul for more details 

[email protected]


As long as I've been apart of the family we've had german shepherds... My mother trains them to be all-purpose family guardians and believes shepherds are the smartest, most versatile dogs ever to walk this earth. It's kind of a family battle, as my Father grew up with Shelties and Irish Setters. He believes Irish Setters are the best kind of dog to own and most certainly has a soft spot for them. Myself... I really love what all breeds have to offer, and I believe each breed is smart in their own way and have a purpose...

Our household has been a paradise for many special dogs in our lives... Here is our newest member of our family, nicknamed "The Devil"...

Ch. Billyjo's All Fired Up CD (am major pointed)


German Shepherd Black/Red


We're planning to do alot with this little man!! He shows a great attitude with devilish qualities and a strong willingness to please. He has amazing drive and hopefully will be put towards multiple titles in conformation, obedience, herding, tracking and more!! He's really a monster. He is maturing everyday...Flint currently has one leg towards his CD....  

In Memory...


OTCH Can Ch. Morning's By Appointment TT HIC

DOB: May 13/92


The only dog I really remember growing up... Thorne grew with me as i did. Sadly he passed away last summer at the wonderful age of 13. He was an amazing dog... He had the world figured out from day one. As he matured he just got better and better turning into a gorgeous specimen of the breed. He was the only male along with 5 other sisters in his litter. Hence "the thorne among the roses".


Pedigree for OTCH Can Ch Morning's By Appointment TT HIC OFA
German Shepherd Black/Red