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Unfortunately most times we do not know which shows we're doing until close to closing date. There are however some shows we do every year.. Here is a list of upcoming shows we will more then likely do. SUBJECT TO CHANGE.


With the current cancellations to show due the worldwide health outbreak of COVID-19 most shows are being cancelled in the  near future... Jut waiting to see when they will continue!


1                             Ontario Breeders Assoc., Lindsay ON

6,7,8                    Halifax Kennel Club, Halifax NS

13,14,15               Scarborough Kennel Club, Mono ON

19,20,21,22      March Madness Cluster, Edison NJ USA (CANCELLED)

26,27,28,29     Syracuse Ny USA (CANCELLED)


3,4,5                   Nickel District Kennel Club, Coniston ON (CANCELLED)

10,11,12              Club Canin de L'Estrie,  Windsor QC (CANCELLED)

17,18,19              Guelph & District Kennel Club, Fergus ON (CANCELLED)

23,24,25,26    World Dog Show, Madrid SPAIN (POSTPONED TO JULY 9-12)


1,2,3                    Club Canin Rive-sud, Iberville QC (CANCELLED)

8,9,10                Forest City Kennel Club, Belmont ON or Kenora District, Kenora ON

9,10                    Assoc Canine Charlevoissiene, Saint Agapit QC

16,17,19              Hochelaga Kennel Club, Saint Lazare QC

22,23,24           Ottawa Kennel Club, Richmond ON

30,31                  Societe Canin de Thetford, Thetford Mines QC

29,30,31           Kent Kennel Club, Blenheim, ON

30,31                 Moncton Kennel Club, Moncton NB


5,6,7,8              Erie Shores Kennel Club, Caledonia ON

11,12,13,14        St Francis Kennel Club, Brome QC

12,13,14             Ontario County Kennel Club, Orono ON or Thunder Bay kennel Club, Thunder bay ON

13,14                  Oromocto Kennel Club, Oromocto NB

19,20,21           Monarch Kennel Club, Dorchester ON

26,27,28          Assoc Canine de la Mauricie, Saint-anne-de-la-perade QC

26,27,28          Hamilton Kennel Club, Jerseyville ON


2,3                     Bobcaygeon Kennel Club, Norwood ON

4,5                    Kawartha Kennel Club , Norwood ON

4,5                    Chateaugay Kennel Club, St Antoinne Abbe QC

3,4,5,6            Sarnia Kennel Club,Forest ON

9,10,11,12       World Dog Show, Madrid SPAIN

17,18,19,20   Kars Dog Club, Carp ON

24,25,26       Limestone City Kennel Club, Kingston ON

24,25,26       Club Canin Fjord, Saguenay QC




More to come...